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Cryocooler XV

Cryocooler XV

The Cryocooler XV series is a fully automatic, high pressure, super cooled liquid nitrogen cooler designed to remove heat from a load via a closed circuit.  The Cryocooler XV is the full-featured automated version of our system allowing complete flexibility in remote operation.  The Cryocooler XVm provides users familiar with manual cryocoolers all the performance of the XV but in a more cost effective package.

The Cryocooler XV series is particularly suited to cooling monochromator crystals.  It is possible to optimise the cryocooler settings for your specific cooling and stability requirements.  Flow rate, pump frequency and pressure can all be independently adjusted to achieve thermal and mechanical stability at the crystal.

Industry Leading Performance

The  XV has been designed and developed with the specific goal of creating the best performing cryocooler on the market.  As a result, the XV features industry-leading pressure stability, operating pressure and cooling power.


Key Technical Features

Best-in-Class Stability and Low Vibration

  • 12 bar system pressure for low vibration operation up to 107K crystal temperatures
  • Independently adjustable pressure, pump speed and flow rate for suppressing mechanical resonances
  • Flow optimized internal pipework for low turbulence circulation
  • PID controlled LN2 reservoir refill for high-stability continuous filling


User Friendly Control System

  • Siemens S7 based PLC control
  • 19” touchscreen control via intuitive graphical interface
  • Remote control of all operation parameters
  • Integrated EPS with adjustable warnings and alarms
  • EPICS support available


Reliable with Low Ongoing Operation Costs

  • Industry-proven component suppliers
  • Low static LN2 consumption
  • Fully-stocked spares catalogue for fast response
  • Maintenance contracts available
Operating Pressure1 — 12 bar
Pressure Stability< 1 mbar (RMS)
Cooling Power0 — 3000W
Cooling Temperature78 — 107 K
Temperature Stability
< 0.025 K (RMS)
Pump Speed15 — 90 Hz
Electrical Supply220V / 16A 3 Phase
208 V / 32A Single Phase


  • Available in fully automated and manual versions
  • Standard or extra-large capacity dewar
  • Bespoke super-insulated vacuum line solutions
  • Standalone or rack-integrated controls


FMB Oxford has a long history of developing optical components for the third-generation light sources and at the new ultra storage rings and FELs. The complete range of capabilities of the Cryocooler XV has been demonstrated experimentally at the BioMAX, NanoMAX, and BALDER beamlines at MAX IV and are also installed at the NSRRC, ESRF, DLS and NSLS-II.

We offer a wide range of products to meet customer requirements and are ready to consider the specifics of your particular application to offer solutions for optimal beamline functionality and performance. FMB can assist from concept design through to hot beam commissioning of your beamline including offering turnkey solutions with controls and software.

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