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Channel-cut Crystal Monochromator

Channel-cut Crystal Monochromator

The compact channel cut monochromator (CCM) can be used for experiments with hard X-rays on bending magnet and insertion device beamlines. It is built to an NSLS design.

This CCM is a very compact design, with simple mechanical controls. It is particularly suitable for use when space restrictions prohibit the use of other monochromators, or when an economical design is required.

The CCM has a fixed crystal gap that causes the exit beam height to vary relative to the incident beam as the energy changes.

The motorised Bragg angle range is about 11°. The CCM can be supplied with manual repositioning to extend the total Bragg angle range up to 60°.


Vacuum performance <1×10-7mbar
Bragg angle resolution <0.5μrad
Motorised Bragg angle range Up to ~60°
in steps of 11°
Vertical acceptance 6mm (typical)
Horizontal acceptance 40mm (typical)
Typical energy range with Si(111) 2.5 to 30keV
Actuators Stepper motor (Bragg Angle)
2xPicomotor (yaw and crystal de-tune)
Max heat load 100W (typical)
Cooling Indirect to 1sy crystal
Device length 330mm (typical)
System based on Peter Siddons’ design in use at the NSLS, Brookhaven.
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