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Hexapod Platform

Hexapod Platform

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Mirror Systems

This multi-layer monochromator uses a matched pair of multi-layers to select a relatively wide energy bandpass beam from a white beam source. For some experiments, the high energy resolution of perfect crystals is not required and the higher flux possible with multi-layers can reduce exposure times and speed data collection. The energy range of multi-layer monochromators can be from ~50eV to >20keV depending on the multi-layer design selected. The energy resolutions (ΔE/E) achieved are typically a few percent, but depend on the multi-layer design. Multi-stripe multi-layers can be supplied to give additional energy ranges. An optional lateral translation system enables a white beam bypass mode or permits the selection of multi-stripes depending on the orientation of the multi-layer mirrors.


  • Greater repeatability than stacked motion stages (serial kinematics)
  • Stiff, six-strut support
  • Ability to rotate about any defined centre point
  • Extremely good repeatability around chosen centre point
  • High resolution 0.1µm encoders
  • Programmable scanning motions
  • Six degrees of freedom


Load capacity200kg
Vertical range±25mm
with 0.1μm encoder resolution
Lateral range±25mm
with 0.1μm encoder resolution
Angular range±2° (±40mrad) about each axis
with 1μrad resolution
Linear repeatability±0.4μm
Linear accuracy<1μm
Rotational accuracy<1μrad
Rotational repeatability±1μrad

Compound motions and suspended components (e.g. vacuum pumps) may limit ranges of movement. Modifications are available for specific requirements.

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