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Conventional Mirror System

Conventional Mirror System

The conventional mirror system has up to five motorised degrees of freedom (mirror height, pitch, yaw, horizontal translation, and roll.) Bellows are required at each end of the system to accommodate all vessel and mirror in-plane motions. Roll adjustment is implemented with motion relative to the vessel to prevent twisting of the bellows.

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Mirror Systems


Vacuum performance<5 x 10-10mbar
Helium leak rate<1 x 10-9mbar l/sec
Maximum bakeout temperature150°C
Mirror length300 to 1700mm
Vertical drive resolution0.1μm
Horizontal drive resolution<5μm
Range of linear motion in all directionsUp to 40mm
Number of degrees of freedom for mirror positioning systemUp to 5 motorised
Vertical actuator typeManual or stepper motor with gearbox
Horizontal actuator typeManual or stepper motor with gearbox
Limit switchesFitted to all motorised motions
Number of degrees of freedom for manual stand adjustments6


  • Mirror Cooling
  • Mirror Bender (U-bender)
  • Mirror Bender (4-cylinder bender)
  • Integrated cooled mask (grazing incidence)
  • Integrated cooled mask (normal incidence)
  • Control system
  • Vacuum pump
  • Fiducial mounts
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