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PF4 X-Ray Filter

PF4 X-Ray Filter

Unit shown with KF40 flange adapters, sold separately

This latest addition to the FMB Oxford suite of Detector and Diagnostic products provides a flexible solution which can be used in a variety of applications. These include surface reflection studies, matching sample scattering strength to a detectors linear range, the adjustment of x-ray exposure in experiments requiring a particular x-ray dose or acting as a beam stopper to minimise sample damage.

The filter unit can be evacuated or He filled according to the scientists’ experimental requirement. Four O-ring sealed, individually driven pneumatic cylinders allow the remote controlled insertion of filter foil holders or absorber blades, depending upon need. Matching BPC to KF40 flange adapter kits are also available, thus enhancing the adaptability of the product. Additionally, both EPICS and TANGO drivers are available for the PF4 4-Channel control unit.



  • Beam Path Compatible body
  • Adaptable inlet and exit ports
  • High Vacuum or He atmosphere capable
  • Easy to change filter/shutter blade holders

General Specifications

Physical Size110 mm in line, 62 mm wide, 200 mm high
(148 mm in line with KF flange adapters)
Through beam size 20 mm H by 20 mm W
Foil size1" (25 mm) square; up to 3 mm thick
Pneumatic connectionAccepts 6 mm or 1/4" diameter polyethylene, polyurethane or similar
Pneumatic mediumCompressed air or non-reactive gas, 5 μm filtered, unlubricated
Required pressure 50 to 100 psi (3.5 to 7.0 bar)
Electrical Connection 9 pin D Plug [male]
Electrical Supply24 V DC (+10%, -15%), 0.55 W per activated valve
Entry and Exit PortsBPC as standard (adapters available upon request)
 PF4 X-Ray Filter KF40 to male BPCKF40 to female BPC
Part Number AAM0129AHQ2131AHQ0581

Ordering Info

ItemPart Number
PF4 X-Ray FilterAAM0129
PF4 4-Channel Control UnitAHQ2680
KF40 to male BPCAHQ2131
KF40 to female BPCAHQ0581
KF50 to male BPCAZM0103
KF50 to female BPCAZC1285
PF4 X-ray filter to Control Unit connection cable, 3mMWCA2037
PF4 X-ray filter to Control Unit connection cable, 6mMWCA2038
PF4 X-ray filter to Control Unit connection cable, 10mMWCA2039
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