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IC Spec Ionisation Chamber

IC Spec Ionisation Chamber

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Ion Chambers


The IC Spec ionisation chamber has been specially designed for high precision X-ray intensity measurements at Synchrotrons and is particularly suited for transmission X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements such as EXAFS or XANES. It has a large installed base and has undergone extensive testing on beamlines worldwide; it has been shown, at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, that it is capable of measuring EXAFS spectra with signal to noise of the order 105

IC Spec Electronics

IC Spec

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I101 Fast Current Amplifier


  • Transimpedance Gain from 103 to 1011 V/A
  • Input Noise down to 4.3 fA/√Hz
  • Bandwidth up to 500 kHz
  • Rise Time down to 700 ns
  • Adjustable Bias Voltage
  • Manual and Remote Control

I404 Quad Current Integrator

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  • Four gated integrator channels
  • Dynamic range 1 pA to 1 mA
  • Integrated digitisation and filtering
  • Fibre-optic, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces
  • Integrated calibration test source
  • Selection of current and charge integration modes
  • External trigger capability
  • Four independent analogue/frequency monitor outputs, configurable to show various analog parameters such as current, position
  • Optional high voltage output



  • Quadrant photodiode readout
  • Low current and charge measurement
  • Beam position monitors


  • Auxiliary HV output
  • Alternative feedback capacitor options

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ItemPart Number
IC Spec ionisation chamber with electrical safety box, short connector lead & burst disc ABY02500
Rigid and adjustable stand ABY02590
KF25 vacuum lock to provide filling and resealing capability (1 required per installation) KVVR0059
Spare burst disc KRBZ0041
Adaptor IC SPEC to CF150 AHQ2112
Adaptor IC SPEC to KF40AHQ2671
Adaptor IC SPEC to KF50AHQ2672
Adaptor IC SPEC to CF70AHQ2673
Adaptor IC SPEC to CF100AHQ2674
Adaptor IC SPEC to CF150AHQ2675
I101 Single channel current amplifier YMCS0043
I101 current amplifier power supply MPSU0956
BNC Signal Cable, 250mm CBY01450
SHV High Voltage Cable, 250mmCBY01451
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