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IC PLUS Electronics

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The optional electronics module for the IC PLUS has a preamplifier, voltage to frequency convertor, inputs/outputs for control and monitoring, high voltage supply with LCD display, and an RS232 communications port.

The module is available in two forms: stand-alone and plug-in. The stand‑alone module requires extra cables (see ordering info) but is suitable for use with any ion chamber. The plug-in module is only suitable for use with IC Plus chambers, and as it connects directly, offers improved low noise performance.


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Current range 0.1pA to 0.1mA
Integration time 1s to 10μs
Input bias current 100fA at 25°C
Input current noise,  f=0.1 to 10Hz 10fA p to p
Input offset voltage 5μV/°C max1μV/°C typical
Input/output imp. 1012Ω/50Ω
Voltage output 0-10V


Voltage to frequency convertor

Frequency output 10KHz to 1MHz
Linearity error 0.1% typical(100Hz to 1MHz)
Output impedance 50 Ω short circuit protected


High Voltage supply

Adjustable range 0-1700V in 1V steps
Noise 5mV p to p
Max. output current 1.2mA
Temperature drift 20 ppm/°C typical

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Plug-in module for IC Plus 50, 150 or 300 YMCS0004
Stand-alone module for use with any ion chamber YMCS0005
Signal cable, BNC, 250mm long CBY1450
High Voltage cable, SHV, 250mm long CBY1451
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