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Gas Blower

Gas Blower

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This system is able to heat a small sample with hot gas up to 1,000°C with a precision of ±1°C.

It consists of a hot air generator controlled by a Eurotherm regulator and a gas flow controller (typical air flow 40l/h)

Mains : 110 / 220 V – 50 / 60 Hz – 1000W.


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Gas Blower Summary Sheet


The gas blower system is principally used for heating samples in diffraction experiments.

The 5mm diameter version is useful for single crystal diffraction (single crystals are not larger than 1mm, normally 0.2mm) whereas the 8mm diameter version is useful for powder diffraction.



  • Control cabinet including Eurotherm temperature controller/regulator, and a gas flow meter.
  • Dedicated PC control software (PC not included)
  • Laboratory calibration provided with every instrument


Two models are available, one for general diffractometer experiments (5mm version) and one enhanced for powder diffraction (8mm version)

This instrument can be installed on a four circle X-ray goniometer for temperature dependent crystallographic studies.

Technical Specifications

Air Flow40 l/h typical
Maximum Temperature1,000°C ± 1°C
DimensionsDGB0001: 91mm x 216mm

DGB0002: 50mm x 81mm

Ordering Info

ItemPart Number
Hot air gas blower, 8mm diameter (complete system inc. control unit)DGB0001
Hot air gas blower, 5mm diameter (complete system inc. control unit)DGB0002
Adjustable support stand for 5mm hot air gas blowerDGB0003
Adjustable support stand for 8mm hot air gas blowerDGB0005
Spare hot air gas blower nozzle, 5mm diameterDGB0006
Spare hot air gas blower nozzle, 8mm diameterDGB0007
Spare hot air gas blower control unit (including cooling pipes, gas pipes and thermocouple)DGB0008
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