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Wire BPM

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A wire beam position monitor extracts the photo-current from a thin metallic wire as it is scanned across the beam. This gives a profile of the beam power distribution parallel to the axis of displacement of the wire. Two wires perpendicular to each other (“crossed wires”) can also be scanned on a single frame to provide additional information on beam shape.

Information from the monitor can be incorporated into a feedback system to the synchrotron ring steering magnets to control beam position, angle or provide information on beam stability.


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Maximum beam width 115.0mm or 70mm (single wire only)
40.0mm (cross wire)
Wire diameter 50μm
Actuator Stepper motor
Position indicator Linear encoder
Parallelism <5mm/m
Wire material Tungsten
Regularity of linear speed ±5%
(over 40mm of travel)



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Wire beam position monitor, single wire 70mm DWM0010
Wire beam position monitor, single wire 115mm DWM0011
Wire beam position monitor, cross wire 40mm DWM0012
UHV vessel to suite wire beam position monitor DWM0020


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