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Nano Beam Position Monitor

Nano Beam Position Monitor

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Technical Data Sheet


Download Technical PDF
General Specification

Transparent X-ray beam monitoring and imaging is a new enabling technology that will become the gold standard tool for beam characterisation at synchrotron radiation facilities. It allows highly focussed X-ray beams to be fully characterised in situ, allowing researchers to monitor beam delivery during measurements and create active feedback in order to stabilise beam position and shape. As beam size and sample size are ever decreasing, unavoidable vibrations and ground settlement will cause more and more issues with co-location between beam and sample. Furthermore, micro-focusing of the intense X-ray beams often needs re-adjustments either because the focusing optics is chromatic or the focal spot must be relocated. Therefore, a single device that is able to measure beam position and shape transparently represents an important forward step in technology.


  • In-vacuum detector head
  • <100nm resolution (beam size and intensity dependent)
  • Low Z material, amorphous scatterer
  • Image processing unit (B100) and control computer (rack mount or desk top)
  • FMB Oxford exclusively licences this technology from the University of Manchester


  • Beam position monitoring
  • Beam profile monitoring
  • Motion feedback on monochromators or mirror systems


Operating principalLow Z scatterer, pinhole focussed CMOS imager
External accuracy<100nm (200µm beam, 1012 photons/sec)
Integration time0.02 – 5 seconds
Digitization16 bit
Power input12 V DC
Operating environment10-40 C

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