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Cavity Beam Position Monitor (BPM)

Cavity Beam Position Monitor

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Cavity BPM

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The Cavity BPM is the latest addition to the Detector and Diagnostics product line at FMB Oxford. This high sensitivity system can provide high measurement resolution to be achieved in FEL systems.

Design led high levels of component accuracy enable repeatable operational performance and UHV to be achieved whilst using a standard build process. No post-build tuning is required.


  • Main operation frequency of 6.5GHz but X band and S band frequency versions are available
  • High resolution measurements achievable at low bunch charge and/or short bunches
  • Position dependent diplole modes enabling nanometre level position resolution to be achieved
  • EPICS based digital algorithms including example scripts for calibration and visualisation via partners at Royal Holloway University, London
  • Stainless steel build minimises degradation over time. UHV compatible sealing techniques employed enabling straightforward repair capacity if required


General specifications

  • Bunch charge – 10pC to 100pC
  • Cavity decay time – 30ns
  • Position sensitivity – 1mV/mm/pC
  • Longitudinal dimension – typically 100mm
  • Standard aperture size of 20mm Ø which can be reduced for smaller beamlines such as undulator sections

To discuss your requirements please contact Andrew Rimmer at

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