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Controls Integration

Controls Integration

Complete Control Cabinets

FMB Oxford has the capability of building complete control cabinets.
Small cabinets are available e.g. for stand alone cryocooler controls.
Large cabinets and cabinet suites have been prepared for turn-key beamlines. The cabinets incorporate

  • MCS8+ motion controllers
  • Vacuum gauge controllers
  • Ion pump controllers
  • Cryocooler controllers
  • Other controls modules that sit remotely from the beamline.

All the components can be networked to the controls software whether that software is EPICS, TANGO or SPEC.

Field Cabling

Cabling between control suites and beamline components needs to be done rigorously, or the integration and commissioning phase becomes very risky.  FMB Oxford routinely supplies:

  • Cabling schedules and schematics
  • Advice on cable routes and segregation
  • Complete turn key installations including all the field cabling
  • Test support for the field cabling so that it is fully tested before being hooked up to valuable equipment
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