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I3200 32-channel Digital Electrometer

I3200 32-channel Digital Electrometer

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Current Measurement_F or I device


  • Thirty-two gated integrator channels
  • Dynamic range 0.1 pA to 100 μA
  • Optional integrated HV supply
  • Integrated actuator solenoid control
  • Integrated digitisation and communications
  • Integrated calibration test source
  • Selection of current and charge integration modes


  • Multi-electrode ionization chambers and ionization chamber arrays
  • Multiwire proportional chambers operating in current mode
  • Multiwire beam profile grids
  • Multi-segment photodiode arrays


  • Auxiliary HV output for detector bias
  • Alternative feedback capacitor options


Operating principle Gated integrator (charge integrating amplifier)
Integration capacitor Dual, selectable
Input noise< 10 fA rms + 1 fA rms per pF input load up to 100 pF

(1 second integration, 10 pF capacitor, 0 V bias)
Input offset current < 100 fA at 0V bias, 25 C

< 600 fA at 0V bias, 50 C

< 200 fA at 400V bias, 25 C
Stability Output drift< 5 ppm / C / hour
Integration time User selectable, 100 μsec minimum
Integration modes 0: continuous current; 1: continuous charge, 2: lossless charge; 3: external gate integration;
4: externally-triggered burst mode
External gate 0/+5 V, 50 ohm or fiber-optic receiver, software-selectable
Digitization16 bit bipolar, 250kHz
Auxiliary HV PSU (Factory option) 0 to 1000V programmable (polarity and maximum voltage factory selectable),
1mA max. Noise and ripple < 0.1%
Power input+24V (+/- 2V) DC, 350mA typ, 500mA max
ControlsTwo rotary switches for loop address and comms mode/baud rate
DisplaysStatus LEDs (power, device status, comms mode, data transmission rcv/xmit). “HV on” LED
Case material Stainless steel sheet
Weight 1.64kg (3.6 lb)
Operating environment 10 to 35C (15 to 25 C recommended to reduce drift and offset) , < 70% humidity, non-condensing,
vibration < 0.1g all axes (1 to 1000Hz
Shipping and storage environment -10 to 50C, < 80% humidity, non-condensing, vibration < 2g all axes, 1 to 1000Hz Hz
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