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  • Standard 100BaseT Ethernet interface.
  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Allows up to fifteen devices to be connected to a standard PC through a single Ethernet port
  • PSI Diagnostic host software allows all PTC devices to be connected through the A300
  • Software interfaces available for various host systems


  • Low-cost, high performance fibre-optic loop systems
  • Data acquisition and control systems for noisy environments
  • Service and diagnostics of PTC fibre-optic loop devices

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Parameter Value
Ethernet port Supported baud rates: 100 Mbps
Protocol: UDP
IP address:
Switch selectable: to
Other ranges can be requested.
IP port number: 100
Fibre-optic port Supported baud rates: 10 Mbps
Device addresses: 1 – 15 inclusive
Protocol: 9 bit (10 Mbps)
Power input +24V (+/- 2V) DC, 150 mA
Controls 16 position rotary switch for IP address selection
Displays Four board status LEDs (power, fibre-optic activity, Ethernet activity, program running).
During flash memory programming, alternate LEDs blink.
Four Ethernet status LEDs (power, Ethernet connected, 100 Mb selected; Ethernet activity)
Case material Stainless steel sheet
Weight 0.22 kg (0.48 lb)
Operating environment 10 to 35 C, < 80% humidity, non-condensing,
vibration < 0.2g all axes, 1 to 1000 Hz
Storage environment 0 to 50 C, < 80% humidity, non-condensing,
vibration < 2g all axes, 1 to 1000 Hz