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[vc_column_text animation_loading="no" animation_loading_effects="fade_in"] Within the last few years, FMB Oxford has delivered three complete MX beamlines to the Diamond Light Source, two BM Beamlines and two ID beamlines for the Australian Synchrotron Project and one beamline for Indus. Currently we are working on the ANKA Nano beamline and a XAS Beamline for ALBA. Our proven capability to deliver within time and budget has demonstrated the advantages of acquiring beamlines as turnkey solutions, including faster time to completion, better value for money, and lower project risk, compared to piece wise acquisition and in-house integration. Our engagement with a beamline project often begins at the earliest planning stage, before any detailed design or planning work has been undertaken, we can provide the initial feasibility studies and budgetary figures for fund raising. When a beamline project is approved to move past this stage, we can undertake a design study and deliver a detailed report with a full quantitative analysis of the design options and clear recommendations backed by experience and numerical modelling of the optical performance, energy range, photon flux, beam size, and stability. This will ensure that the design chosen is sufficiently ambitious in reaching new scientific goals, while remaining realistic and deliverable with regard [/vc_column_text]

[vc_column_text animation_loading="no" animation_loading_effects="fade_in"] When the project reaches the procurement stage, we will offer a full scope of supply which may include: [/vc_column_text]
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• Detailed design and review

• Full optical beamline

• Mirrors optics & Crystals

• Front ends

• Endstations and detectors

• Vacuum system

• Cryo-cooled and water cooled systems

• Equipment Protection System

• Machine Interlock System

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• Machine Interlock System

• Beamline Controls Hardware and Software

• Control Software integration EPICS/SPEC(/TANGO)

• Full factory integration and testing

• Installation and alignment

• Cold Beam Commissioning (without X-rays)

• Hot beam commissioning

• Documentation

• User training

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