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Installation and Maintenance

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FMB Oxford provides installation and maintenance service for all equipment supplied by FMB Oxford as well as for third party synchrotron beamline equipment and support equipment including cryogenic cooling.

The service can include a pre-installation site survey, the physical installation and setting in place of equipment, connection to utilities and services and EPS, PSS systems, surveying and alignment of the beamline, liaison with site personnel (such as surveying, safety, access controls and utilities,) vacuum commissioning and bakeout, cold commissioning (functional tests with no X-rays,) and hot commissioning (functional tests and optimisation with X-rays.)

FMB Oxford also provide warranty and post-warranty support. This can include telephone support, a technician visit, an engineer visit, and the supply of spare parts.

Service and support contracts are available, please contact us for details.


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  • Comprehensive service offered which includes all phases of installation and commissioning, including pre-installation site survey
  • Quick installation and commissioning of beamlines and components
  • Post-warranty telephone support and service visits by technicians or engineers available
  • Service contracts
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Training
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