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Manufacturing custom-made synchrotron beamline components for a combined total of more than 50 years, FMB Oxford and Berlin have supplied synchrotron beamline equipment worth more than $500 million to more than twenty synchrotron sources worldwide. Combined floor space of over 6,000m2, including over 600m2 of cleanroom facilities up to ISO 7 standard, offers an environment specifically suited to the synchrotron beamline business.

A team of expert scientists, engineers and technicians are highly skilled in the design, manufacture, assembly, testing, installation and commissioning of synchrotron beamlines. Engineering skills include beamline design, optical design, control system design, ray tracing, high heat load engineering, finite element analysis, vibration analysis, controls engineering and UHV assembly and testing.

Together FMB Oxford and FMB Berlin have delivered beamlines to Helios 2, which now provides the core of the Singapore Synchroton Light Source, we were also chosen to fully overhaul the ROBL beamline at the ESRF and, more recently, we have delivered complete beamlines to the NSLS-II and to MAX IV. Our combined skills have been used on the NIST SST and BMM beamlines at the NSLS-II, where FMB is delivering a complete suite of components including the grating monochromator, the double crystal monochromator, the mirror systems and all the diagnostics.

FMB Oxford installed base most recently includes:

ANKA, Germany X-SPEC beamline off IVU
MAX IV Lab, Sweden XAFS beamline off SC Wiggler
MAX IV Lab, Sweden Nanoprobe Beamline off IVU
MAX IV Lab, Sweden PX Beamline off IVU
ANKA, Germany CATACT Beamline off SC Wiggler
NSLS-II, USA Powder Diffraction Beamline off Damping Wiggler
NSLS-II, USA Nanoprobe Beamline off IVU
INDUS II, India Imaging Beamline off Bending Magnet
KCSR, Moscow PHASE Beamline off Bending Magnet
SSLS, Singapore XAFCA beamline off Bending Magnet
ESRF, France ROBL Beamline off Bending Magnet

For further information, or to discuss your individual requirement, please contact We are committed to continually improving the efficiency of our operation as well as focussing on our customer’s needs. Talk to us about your requirements. We will probably have done something similar in the past but, if not, we look forward to every new challenge.

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