Low Pressure RF Plasma Collaboration Project

On 16th July FMB was pleased to welcome Vincent Carlino, President and CTO of IBSS Group, to its factory in Oxford. Vincent was visiting the UK to take part in technical discussions related to the use of the IBSS GV10x Downstream Asher unit. This low pressure plasma unit is currently being evaluated by FMB in partnership with IBSS. The partnership forms part of a larger collaboration project being led by CELLS (ALBA Synchrotron Light Source). During today’s visit Vincent successfully commissioned the GV10x and plasma was repeatedly generated within the test vessel.

FMB’s initial objective under the partnership is to develop the use of the GV10x as tool for cleaning UHV vessels. Future work will also focus on the industrialisation of the technique for cleaning complete instruments and in-situ Synchrotron optics.

The first use of the GV10x by FMB to clean customer deliverable UHV vessels will be performed in September in collaboration with CELLS.

FMB Oxford very much appreciates the opportunity to be part of this prestigious project and to benefit from the support of our knowledgeable partners.