FMB Oxford COVID-19 Impact

In light of the continued escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to inform you on the strategy FMB Oxford has implemented to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers and how we are ensuring the continuity of our activities.

Our efforts are based on the guidance from the UK governmental and health authorities as well as other statutory organisations.  We are constantly adapting these measures to comply with the latest guidelines as the situation evolves rapidly.

We remain operational and have taken the following actions to mitigate the impacts of the virus:

  • We have favoured remote working where possible to avoid physical contact, to take into account school closings and other disruptions; and the majority of our employees are now working from home. In order to facilitate this work we have implemented new IT strategies that has proven highly effective and promotes daily face-to-face interaction between teams.
  • During normal working hours we remain available to assist our customers to answer all enquiries using standard distance-based tools (e-mails, conference calls, video conferencing).
  • We remain available to assist customers with remote or emergency service intervention requests, within the limits of local governmental restrictions, preferably using distance-based tools (conference calls, video conferencing).
  • The industrial activity of the factory is maintained by taking appropriate measures to reduce risks by minimising physical contact, for example:
    • Implementation of alternative teams and extension of time slots
    • Reinforcement of hygiene barriers (sanitising gel, disinfectant wipes, reinforced cleaning, opening of doors separating various departments)
    • Ample spacing between workstations
  • Most of our suppliers are operating under similar conditions and we continue to place orders and receive deliveries. Our procurement team is in daily contact with critical suppliers to assess progress and with project managers mitigate the potential impact on manufacturing
  • All travel is suspended, and the use of the phone and video conferencing is strongly encouraged. Planning of Factory Acceptance Testing and Site Installation is being progressed with individual customers

We confirm that we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 and display the Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020 poster to show we have followed the relevant guidance.

FMB Oxford is striving at its best, within the restrictions applied, to help deliver projects to the defined performance levels and quality standards.  We will make all efforts to minimise delays and will keep customers informed of the progress in a timely fashion.

Please be assured of our continued support.