Catch up with FMB at BSBF2018 today!

Big Science Business Forum 2018 is the first one-stop-shop for companies from all over Europe, where they can gain insight into Big Science organisations’ future investments and purchases in just one location over the course of a few days. The conference is currently taking place at the Tivoli Congress Center in Copenhagen until 28th February, where 1000 delegates from more than 500 companies and organisations spanning approx. 30 countries are participating.

For the first time, representatives from many of the world’s largest high-tech research facilities have gathered together to create Big Science Business Forum,  offering insight into procurement opportunities for European industry. These span advisory engineering work and architectural tasks, to advanced technical equipment, concrete building projects and radiation-resistant materials, and the orders are worth many billions of euros.

The conference is arranged by the organisations CERN, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF, ESS, European XFEL, F4E and ILL. A further nine Big Science organisations have joined the conference programme – ALBA, DESY, ELI-NP, ENEA, FAIR, MAX IV, SCK•CEN – MYRRHA, PSI and SKA – thereby gathering 18 of the world’s most advanced Big Science organisations under one roof.

Nigel Boulding, Managing Director, will be representing FMB Oxford at the conference and is excited to have this opportunity to learn more about upcoming high tech challenges and future programmes. Nigel is looking forward to seeing many of our existing customers at the Forum, in addition to meeting new contacts who could also benefit from FMB’s world leading expertise.

For further details of the capabilities of FMB, please click to open our FMB Overview. If you are attending Big Science, come and chat with Nigel!