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About FMB Oxford

FMB Oxford occupies four linked industrial units close to the centre of Oxford. The 2,260m2 modern units, completely refurbished specifically to suit our synchrotron beamline business, provide a combination of office and manufacturing space. The current layout includes a dedicated UHV cleaning and testing area, extensive ‘in-air’ assembly areas and dedicated ‘in-vacuum’ clean assembly areas. Within the main clean assembly area there is a temperature-controlled isolation room incorporating a large optical table on which to test precision motion systems, such as DCMs and mirror systems. There is a diagnostics and development department with X-ray source with ISO7 Laminar Flow Unit and, in January 2016, the cleanroom was rebuilt and extended to give a total area of approximately 110m2. At the same time 36m2 has been upgraded to ISO6 standard and within this area the existing ISO5 laminar flow cabinet is located. The new 20m2 equipment clean down area has additional headroom at 5.5m where installation of a gantry crane allows vessel lids to be fitted inside the cleanroom. The new cleanroom is also air-conditioned to improve working conditions and maintain a more stable temperature environment.

FMB Oxford’s history began in the early 1990s, when Oxford Instruments Synchrotron Group began to supply beamline components to many of the then new 3rd generation light sources. During this time we delivered complete beamlines to a number of facilities worldwide, including the first beamlines for use on the Helios 1 compact superconducting synchrotron and a suite of beamlines covering a range of experimental techniques to the then brand new Anka facility in Germany. In 1997 we built and installed the Rossendorf CRG beamline (ROBL) at the ESRF.

The business grew rapidly and in 2001 Oxford Instruments sold the Group to Danfysik A/S and Oxford Danfysik was created. Under ownership of Danfysik we delivered many more beamlines, including two bend magnet and two ID beamlines to the Australian Synchrotron. At the time, the other dominant supplier to the Australian Synchrotron was FMB Berlin who delivered the soft x-ray and IR beamlines.

In 2007 the Oxford Danfysik business was sold to FMB Berlin, renaming the company FMB Oxford, and today the combined businesses offer the extraordinary capability to deliver multiple beamlines every year. These beamlines incorporate our proven capabilities across wavelengths from IR through soft x-ray to hard x-ray and from synchrotron to XFEL and include every component from the storage ring to the experimental station.  The combined business has the largest installed base and the greatest range of products of any supplier in the synchrotron community.

FMB Oxford continues to grow and improve every year. The company, supported by its strong proven supplier base, has the design capability and manufacturing capacity to handle any beamline needs, whether these are for the smallest component or for multiple beamlines operating at soft or hard x-ray wavelengths. We have a large number of employees with more than 10 years of experience in the field and most instruments have the benefit of being evolved designs, refined over multiple deliveries.  The quality of the instruments and technical support over the lifetime of the beamlines, coupled with product improvement initiatives, are evident in the number of repeat customers.

Our new customers can take full advantage of every incremental development implemented on our complete range over our 50 year combined history. We do, of course, continue to exploit every new technical development to deliver new standards of performance.

FMB Oxford has a long history of collaboration with almost all of the third-generation light sources and the new ultra storage rings and FELs. Our market presence can be seen below, with the dots representing the facilities where more than €250M of equipment has been installed by FMB Oxford world-wide.

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